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  • Sydney Harbour Cruise on board "Sydney Pearl"

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    Looking to try something different? Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises offer the perfect cruise boat for your next event. Step on board the Sydney Pearl, a 145 seating capacity Catamaran vessel which not only caters to a large crowd, but is backed up by stellar service.

    This beauty is a 3 level masterpiece capable of delivering unrivaled functionality and poise with every charter. Top level offers an unobstructed view of your beautiful surrounding, the same area doubles as a lounge. Mid level has seated dining, an awesome rear viewing deck and 360 degree views.

    The lower-deck has 4 toilets, a full bar, large dance floors, DJ booth and buffet seating.

    They say “that a boat is only as good as its crew”, that is why this vessel boasts the best and most experienced crew ready and willing to prepare and serve all your guests and their varied needs.


    • 145 guest capacity
    • Dance floor
    • DJ booth
    • Stocked Bar
    • superb surround sound
    • 3 levels of awesomeness
    • Front viewing deck

    Ideal for

    • Private events
    • Corporate events
    • Birthdays
    • Parties