• Bella Vista

  • Sydney Harbour Cruise on board "Bella Vista"

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    One word to describe this Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is “epic”. This Bella Vista Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is a 114 foot multi level Sydney Harbour Cruise Vessel named Bella Vista. The Bella Vista takes the word epic on another level.

    “Bella” meaning beautiful, gives due justice to this marvelous vessel. 3 levels of utter surprise and luxury await all those who dare board this darling vessel.

    Top level is a vast expanse of space most suited for lounging about. Mid level is where this baby shines, 3 meter high glass panels wrap this baby up like a cocoon of beauty and grace. Adorned with lavish interiors and unrivaled craftsmanship, this level gives new meaning to glass showcase. Giving all guests a 360 degree unobstructed view is just one of the highlights of this level.

    Not to be undone, but the front and back of the vessel are full sized decks able to cater to your more outdoor preferences, plus the full walk around envelopes her like the delicate flower she is.

    The Grand venue for all types of events is brought to you by Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises. If you have a large event or gathering and are looking for that perfect venue on Sydney Harbour, then look no further than Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises "Bella Vista"


    • Up to 950 guests
    • huge bow and stern decks
    • air conditioning
    • state-of-the-art sound system
    • 3 meter high glass walls
    • 3 separate licensed bars
    • DJ booth
    • Dance floor and disco ball
    • 2 feature walls
    • Open top deck
    • Commercial kitchen

    Suitable for

    • Large Corporate Events
    • Weddings


    • Catering – highly customizable

    Additional Information

    • skipper and crew
    • on-board chef

    Layout options

    • Highly customizable