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  • Sydney Harbour Cruise on board "Oceanos 2"

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    Ever thought of what your dream harbour tour of Sydney Harbour would be like? Dreamed of luxury, elegance and comfort atop of Sydney Harbour? Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises presents to you the Oceanos 2. This elegant Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat for hire is an 84 foot Monte Fino luxury vessel; simply put, elegance and luxury boatified.

    Multi-level excellence is core to this boat's design. The top deck is best suited for formal occasions and romantic evenings. A seemingly flowing layout perfectly seams inner and outer decks, which one could say is beautiful and showy at the same time, plus it's weather proof. The lower decks open up to its passengers like a delicate flower, showing a humble yet detailed dinning and lounge area. Designer furniture adorns its lower floors, yet is humble in its elegance and simplicity.

    This Sydney Harbour Cruise Vessel is that perfect Sydney Harbour Cruise boat for corporate or social gatherings with a touch of style and elegance. Oceanos 2 is stocked with the best galley on the 7 seas. Cooking is a delight best served completely prepared.

    Entertainment pleasures are a surplus on this vessel, with superb speakers, crisp TV monitors and multi device compatibility, audio and visual stimulation overload is guaranteed.

    For more private matters, we've incorporated four (4) yes 4 rooms complete with individual bathrooms for your consumption.

    Awesomeness of this vessel overflows

    • 49 seafarer capacity
    • Length: 25 meters
    • interiors are highly customizable
    • Complete galley with grill
    • Large monitors and superb entertainment systems
    • air conditioning
    • easy access to and from various decks and open areas
    • swim decks

    Best suited for

    • Private events
    • Corporate events
    • Engagements

    Also comes with

    • Experienced crew and skipper to guide you on your deep sea voyage.