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  • Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat Hire on board "Karisma"

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    Multi-level madness up your alley? We, at Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises, have the solution for you, Karisma, a 57 foot multi-level Luxury vessel, is just what the doctor ordered.

    Its top deck has its own bar, own spa (available upon request), lounge area, sundecks and grill. Talk about guilty pleasure. Lights on this floor is customizable as well and can be pre-set based on your preference. This floor also has its own DJ both and dance floor to aid you in partying the night away.

    Its lower deck is humble in nature but don't be fooled, this floor boasts a complete galley and 2 large bathrooms with showers. Equipped with a full kitchen and dining set, coupled with multiple monitors, this is your definition of wind and dine.

    Transitioning between the various moods of chill and party can be easily done on this vessel. Design of the stairs and transition areas are so smooth that you'd hardly notice the difference until the noise and vibe hits you.

    Hungry? On-board chefs can cook up a storm on your request.

    What we have on board

    • 48 party-goer capacity
    • Customizable light fixtures
    • Complete galley with grill
    • Microphone
    • Hydraulic swim stairs
    • Dance floor
    • DJ booth
    • Sun beds
    • Wireless connectivity
    • Multiple entertainment areas

    Optional delights

    • Spa

    Best suited for

    • Private events
    • Corporate events
    • Engagements

    Also comes with

    • On-board chef
    • Experienced crew
    • Skipper