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  • Sydney Harbour Cruise on board "Catalpa"

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    Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises presents to you the Catalpa Catamaran Series. Relax, Enjoy and unwind on board the Catalpa. A 38 foot wonder of a boat designed to bring the WOW into your next getaway.

    Our Catalpa is equipped with huge lounge areas, a banquet of a table, BBQ set and a luxurious bathroom. All these for a price that would make your trips to the spa a bit extravagant.

    Let Quayside Charters Sydney Harbour Cruises set you and your passengers on that perfect Sydney Harbour Cruise vessel Catalpa. The Catalpa's Cruise Boat design boasts a flowy nature that seems the lounge and the cockpit into one artistic stroke. Moving from the saloon area into the cockpit has never been this easy.


    Our catalpa's lounge area is so bit that you'd easily fit all 35 of your guests easily, with room to spare. We're giving you a cushioned lounge area, incorporated benches along the aisles and created your very own private space all in a relaxing setup.

    Surf and serve

    Quayside Charter gives you a grill that a connoisseur would die for. Complete equipment, complete utensils and all the trimmings needed to make your grilling dream a reality.

    We do know and understand that music is a need, that is why we've installed an awesome sound setup to knock your socks off. But we haven't forgotten that doing your Number 2, requires a bum worthy space, that is why we've installed a luxurious comfort and bath for you to enjoy.

    Additional Information

    • Bringing of food and drinks is encouraged but not required
    • Food and drink packages available